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IMTECH® Wear and Abrasion products are specially formulated to provide superior protection from impact and cutting forces. Wear and abrasion resistance is the key to protecting equipment and minimizing downtime.  From our vast experience gained in the field, IMTECH® wear and abrasion products have been found to outlast other wear-resistant materials such as, steam and chemically cured rubber linings, polyurethanes, steel alloys and special wear resistance steel liners, thereby significantly reducing operating cost and increasing through-put productivity.

Wear Shield 45 is a premium quality natural rubber compound with outstanding properties such as resilience, strength and resistance to abrasion, cutting and tearing. Additionally, Wear Shield 45 exhibits great wear resistance in the handling of minerals and ores where larger product particles are processed such as mine backfill, pipe linings, screen underpans, hoppers and bins, pipe elbows, vibrating feeders, sand and grave operations.

Wear Shield 45 Literature

Rock-Shield 60 is a blend of natural and butadiene rubber, formulated to provide the toughness needed in the handling of coarse materials in difficult applications, where impact and abrasion exist. The combination of high resiliency and resistance to deformation makes Rock-Shield 60 the ideal solution in the handling of large-particle coarse ore.

Rock Shield 60 Literature

IMTECH® Rock-Shield 3600 is a specially formulated rubber compound designed to combat impact or cutting forces that are experienced when processing large coarse materials. Used in applications where the material being handled is impacting at a high velocity which causes extreme wear, Rock Shield 3600 Wear Plate is the right choice for prolonged service life.