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IMTECH® Skirtboard Liners are a cost-effective manner to get an edge on your fugitive dust and product containment solutions.  You can create optimum sealing within critical transfer points and eliminate entrapment wear on your belt because you can place the liner within 1/16” of the belt surface. 

Extend the life of your transfer point and eliminate costly downtime by replacing those high cost hard steel liners with high abrasion and impact resistant rubber liner.


IMTECH® Skirtboard Liners give you the ability to create the maximum amount of sealing possible. This will help eliminate entrapment wear and increase your dust control capabilities, extending the life of your transfer point and reducing costly down time.

Tech-Seal Skirtboard Rubber is a high-quality, cost effective containment solution. At 45 Durometer, Tech-Seal is softer than your conveyor belt, so you can be assured of an effective seal without the risk of damaging the covers of your belt, with outstanding wear resistance and service life. Reduce material spills at transfer points with IMTECH® Tech-Seal Skirtboard Rubber.

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All liners can be customer designed and fabricated to fit your applications with an assortment of fastening options.