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For Rugged Material Handling IMTECH® solves your wear and abrasion problems with a range of solutions to meet your needs. 


Molded Rubber and Rubber/Ceramic Wear Liners

These liners are suitable for applications in areas of severe impact and high abrasion. Liners can be supplied to incorporate a variety of ceramic shapes, including balls, cylinders and cubes, all of which have a high alumina-silica content that stands up to the toughest conditions.

  • Avalible in Custom Sizes
  • ½” up to 6” thick rubber
  • ¼” up to 1” steel plate with bolt holes or studs
  • Sizes up to 72” wide x 84” long
  • Also avalible in Rubber/Ceramic combinations
  • Fabricated using high quality, field tested materials
Molded Wear Literature

Rubber/Ceramic Molded Skirtboard Liners

IMTECH® Skirtboard Liners give you the ability to create the maximum amount of sealing possible. This will help eliminate product spillage, entrapment wear and increase your dust control capabilities, extending the life of your transfer point and reducing costly down time.

Molded Wear Literature

Modular Profile Liners

To obtain the most efficient wear life, the optimum angle of impact for rubber is 90 degrees. If shear force is causing a problem in an application, it can be overcome by installing a Modular Profile Liner. With multiple styles available, we can introduce this liner to the system in order to get the material to hit the liner surface with a direct impact, increasing the life of the liners.

  • Dramatically reduces shear impact on vertical walls
  • 1 foot square liners are easy to install
  • Material can be cut with a band saw
  • A wide variety of mounting options are available to suit your application
  • Lab tested rubber gives long life and protection against impact and abrasion
  • Can be incorporated with our modular rubber and rubber/ceramic liners for best system solution

Molded Wear Literature

Call IMTECH® to discuss off the shelf or custom designed molded wear products for your toughest applications.